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Eastern Sports Management offers internships with them and also within their facilities. Internships currently available in Human Resources and Youth Programming.

We promise our students the most complete, well rounded internship experience available. We treat them as staff members, not as college students. Our interns receive on-the-job training and are challenged daily to exceed expectations. Students receive honest feedback, advice, and guidance. We take personal interest in their professional development and preparation for life after college. We do everything in our power to assist students in their job search efforts after completing the internship. As an established company, we take pride in the career advancement of the students that come through our program.

We offer Internships during all semesters of the school year, and require resumes to be submitted for review by the following dates:

Spring Semester October 15

Summer Semester February 15

Fall Semester June 15

If interested, please contact Andy Ballard at aballard@easternsportsmanagement.com.